Sunday, December 13, 2009

Half short double-Reloaded!

First things first, I really like this title-"Half Short Double" and I have my own reasons of liking it. One, its originally mine! Two, I used it in a post which I wrote when I was really low and I felt better after writing it. Three, I couldnt have been better in choosing this title.(why?? Its TOP SECRET).

"Today" I am using this title again cause once more history repeated itself and I stand at a crossing similar to one I stood at then. The circumstances aren't really the same but they do remind me of past events. As tradition.. I choose the title of my blogs as the state of my mind at that point. The blog may or may not reveal the whats and whys about the title. :) But this blog was worthy of a slight hint fot its title.

Anyways, I have a lot in my tiny little head as usual. I have given CAT, the grand daddy of all MBA entrances. It went pretty decent. Apart from a few things I wish I shouldnt have done in those 2 hours, I think everything went decently well. And by far I haven't been thinking of the kind of score I might get. 22nd Jan is the big day! And I voulentarily will behave unperturbed till it arrives. For now, I have other exams to look forward to.

JMET is tomorrow. MBA in IITs! I am not really sure about it cause IIT prefers work ex people. But I am still giving it a try. Next in line are SNAP(Simbiosys), XAT(Xaviers') and NMAT(Narseemonji, Mumbai).

Apart from exams and MBA my head also carries a little something about AIESEC. My co-Aiesecers are having their LC Day right now. I am still a little unsure as to if I should go there tomorrow after my exam. Most probably I won't and I know later I'll hear a lot of "U missed it" and "U should have come".. but its ok.. I have my own stupid set of reasons to refrain from it.

A new development in me is that I have somehow learnt to be a little rude! Its surprising and I am not happy happy about it but I've managed to find a few instances when I was kinda rude! I have always believed that a little of everything is really important to be complete. Like a little-one would never understand why its wrong to not try and play with the candle-fire unless he burns his finger. The point is, its important to try out everything and then you would find yourself on a better platform to analyze and decide as what you are and what you want to be!

There are times in life when you are afraid of facing situations or rather you wish that that situation would never arise, but it does. Then is the time you take a decision to face it or turn your back on it. I have never turned my back on any situation as of yet and I don't intend to either. But there certainly are situations which I too wish would never arise. Its ironical that the things bound to happen are sometimes so scary! Like the 22nd of Jan! Like 2012! [:P] And the "something" to which this para is dedicated to. I don't know what I would do when I reach that point on the timeline which is moving fast and not showing any signs of mercy.

Name:            Dhruv Mathur
Age:               20
Status:            Single
State of mind: Uncertain