Saturday, August 29, 2009

Perpetual Stimulus

After every two months we realize what we used to think two months earlier was kiddish. Well this is one way of saying that we are growing. Or say, changing? Today I realize that the people I like need not like me back! It was no rocket science to figure it out but it was somehow hard for me to digest. Finally my intestines have done the job! :P

There are people who like you and people whom you like... But you cannot like someone back just because he/she likes you. Very rational thought! But then why does it so happen that we behave differently when we are playing the other personality?

A friend of mine had quoted on FB "Like me or F OFF." Which I thought was kinda arrogant... but come to think of it, he is right in his place! You know... rather than you run behind people who think they are superior (which they are definitely NOT), just because you give them a little more importance, its better to be with the ones who like you! Its logical! Its a little .... blah!... but it still is logical!

But for me, liking someone is more of a mutual thing. If it isn't then it makes no sense! "Move On" is the quote for it...

TRUST: HOW do we trust someone? Or rather WHEN do we start trusting someone? Trust like liking.. is a mutual deal! I'll trust someone if he/she trusts me the same! Why would I trust someone who doesnt trust me?? :P But sometimes we end up trusting the wrong people! And even after falling into the pit we end up digging another one for ourselves.

Its said that Change is pre-requisite for growth. And today I am writing this blog to clarify a few things to myself... to justify a few things i have done in the past and to finally decide what i'd want to do in future.

10 things I have learned in the past 3 months:

1. People may seem nice. But nice people can be heartless!
2. Count on no-one but yourself.
3. Your Trust is something you should keep safely with you.
4. I am not answerable to anyone except myself!
5. To get what I want at the end of the day, I need to sideline some of my dearest desires.
6. I need to be focused as to what I want and not get influenced by random stuff.
7. Being polite and humble does not mean compromising with your self-regard.
8. Do not care for anyone other than family unless they really care for you.
9. Noone has the right to take you for granted.
10. Like me or F*** OFF! :P

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Humara Parivesh!"

"India is not just a place.
India is not just people.
India is the celestial music,
And inside this music
Anybody from any corner of the globe
Can find the real significance of life."

There is something unique about this soil, which despite many obstacles has always remained the abode of great souls. Everyone of us would find pleasure in narrating endlessly, the great historical background, the culture and heritage of our motherland. But this is not exactly what I'd be doing in this blog of mine today. I have seen so many people talking so good abut India, about its natural beauty, about its amazing culture but I still am compelled to think, if they really know what it means to take pride in ones country.

I had a friend of mine, Abhay. I shouldn't call him a friend because he was senior to me by 2 years, but we were quiet close. He was a brilliant student, great in sports, a perfect all rounder! He was determined to be a scientist! A rocket scientist to be precise. A All India topper in English in his 10th CBSE, this guy chose to fly abroad and continue his research there. Ironically he never submitted to the fact that he isn't doing any good to his own country, always said.. "I'll make India proud there!" Today he is in the Cranfield University Space Research Center drawing a heavy pay check, enjoying his work.

I fail to understand that people so brilliant are unable to figure out that contributing to another country's research would NOT bring laurels to India. Or shall I quote it as, they just don't want to admit to it. Abhay is nowhere fallacious, but I, personally wouldn't rate him correct either.

Writing blogs about India doesn't make anyone a patriot. Talking big doesn't either. Adjectives don't require to be said out. They just show by themselves.

But this nowhere means the ones living in India and drawing smaller pay cheque are utter patriots.

I do not know what I'd be doing or where I would be tomorrow... May be I'll become the one I try and mock in this blog now...

We all know a lot about India and its culture and I am sure most of the people reading this space which I have painted in black and white may be in a position to write a lot better article on India. But one thing apart from the culture and the rich heritage in India; which India is known for is Simplicity!

One quality which we have been loosing on constantly over the years. Our bend towards sophistication has been perpetual. We get impressed by people who are smooth talkers and who can carry themselves well. We 'prefer' the company of those who are chichi, funky, kinky and more of these weird sounding adjectives. Its nothing wrong o be all these... but then wearing a synthetic, golden skin over your rough, ugly hull is not exactly what we'd appreciate!

But the real essence of India has come from the villages. Even today its said that the actual India dwells in the villages. Being simple does not mean to be any less smarter than anyone else. Being simple nowhere implies that you are orthodox. Being simple is, not being demonstrative. Being simple is being humble, being modest. A person who can forgive someone without any complaints is simple. If a person can be happy and smile throughout midst all his problems finding happiness is small things around, is simple. The one who does not forget where he has come from, is simple. A person who knows himself and does not pretend to be someone he is not, is simple.

This again does not mean that people who own a audi in their driveways are far from the quality. Simplicity is a characteristic quality. Which can co-exist with success! Ideally it SHOULD be that ways but it doesn't happen. Our self-regard is like a cat who time and again reaches the top of the tree and refuses to come down. Taming the cat is what we are talking about.