Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I wish

I wish I wouldn't let you hurt me as much as you do,
I wish I knew what your actions point to.
I wish I could analyze you better, before being nice to you,
I wish your words would parellel to what you do.

I wish I was a tree,
emotionless, giving away whatever I had, with no regret,
I wish I never felt the way I do,
for someone who didn't deserve it? I wish I could escape all the fret!

I wish I knew if it was me who was wrong,
Or was it you who wasn't strong?
I wish I knew who is more confused,
Because at the end, I am the one who feels abused.

I wish I could withdraw,
I wish I wouldn't have seen you the way I saw.
I wish someday you value people a little more,
Some day you would become what I believed you were.