Sunday, September 27, 2009

Half short double

She lived in a small cottage on a hill.
He was a neighbourhood lad.

She came to the window every evening to water flowers.
He used to wait for her.

One fine evening they exchanged smiles.
It felt good... became a routine.

he liked her... she knew it...

He loved her promising eyes...

Once he called out... But she ignored him... He couldn't understand why...

His voice fell on deaf ears..
Tears trickled down... he waited...  called out again...

He wanted to move on... But waited... he believed...

He knew she liked him too...
But the lady who made the flowers blossom, now seemed stone-hearted.

He never knew and would never know why it had to end... 
But one thing is obvious...

On the bridge between friendship and love... one needs to take a step... if not forward, the choice made becomes obvious...

Expression marks the foundation of any relationship...

Monday, September 21, 2009


A lot of excitement, a lot of loud music, a lot of bare footed dancers, a lot of smiles and a lot of sweat is how I'd describe my outing last night. Excitement is something which sprouts at even the thought of "Rass". But the magnitude it rose to when I stepped on the sand covered dance floor was unbelievable! The traditional clothing and the Indian beats with earthy vibes around, it was a feeling undefinable in words.

Three hours of non-stop dancing with your peers, best friends, crush, starangers... Couldn't have been better. While dancing if you stop by and take a stroll around the resonating arena, inspite of the fact that the music is too overpowering and the people too indulged in their dance that they might just step over you and proceed to their next dance move, you still feel this outburst of peace and happiness even when you are the 'china shop' amongst the 'bulls'. May be it is the whole gist of Navratri or is it the feel of the everything around at that time which makes you feel that way.

Surprisingly a lot of people who go to try their skills at striking sticks forget the very purpose of the tradition! It is a DEVI maata's puuja! Now how many of us actually went and took blessings from the godess who was sitting there for whom we were supposed to be dancing! Some of us even forgot to look at her! It does happen with a lot of people. We focus on the immediate task and not the final cause. But anyways, the Godess doesn't really mind... after all, we all are kids to her! :)

Well I'll end this blog on that note... Wish all of you a great Festive time ahead! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something I randomly liked... lolz..

Life ends when you stop dreaming.... ,
Hope ends when u stop believing ....,
Love ends when u stop caring
and .........
Relationship ends when u stop sharing....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Unexpected Circumstances

Day after tomorrow I have my 1st MBA entrance exam and I am here writing this blog. There are a lot of moments in life where you feel like doing something which you know is not the RIGHT thing to do... but you still do it.

There has been a lot of stuff going on in life lately! Which I could not or chose not to tell anyone. Its so hard to just keep stuff inside. Not that its some secret but you need someone you can always call and count on, well, I do! The most important thing to me... my exam... seems so unimportant in light of a few unexpected stuff that happened.

This blog has somehow started to behave like the companion i always used to search in a few people and honestly never found, was either disheartened or left with my feelings unheeded! Today i find it much more convenient sharing stuff here...

I don't know what I'll do day after. The 150 minutes which I was so keen on spending well now seem more like the spur of the moment thing.

What surprises me is not the fact that the priorities of the mind can be so agile, the surprising part is you never know who would actually come forward to lend you a shoulder at the time when you need it the most. The ones expected seem to have lost all memory of your existence and the ones you never expect to have done something for you, work out-of-their-ways to make you feel better.

Is it that we can be so wrong in judging people? Or is it that people are not supposed to be judged and kept expectations with?

Sometimes I really wish I could be as insensitive as others. I wish I could ignore people, their feelings and just carry on with my sweet stuff. But then if I would, then it wouldn't be me anymore. I might be a little less worried, a little less cerebrating, but then I won't be myself to appreciate what I had become.

I am none to judge people. I am none to define any code of behavior, but if I had to accept the levels of insensitivity I see around me to trade all the worries I have in the world, I'd rather choose the pandemonium.
What I write today might not make sense to a lot of people. But wtf? None of you know whats going on in my head right now!

The good thing about blogging is, without letting your emotions spill, it can make you feel better. I, feel better already!