Friday, February 26, 2010


I havent been this idle since a very long time. Today I shall share what I think about people around me. I dont care about the world, this is what I know from the sample space I live in.

People pretend. Irrespective of their being good or bad. People lie. People are selfish. Not that I am any different, but I do wish things were. I have grown insensitive over time. Dont feel stuff as much as I used to. When you extract moisture out of a sponge, it gets rough.

Old friends take us for granted. When we wanna have lunch with them, they are on a diet! :)

It had been long since I made a new friend who'd be appealing enough to make me write my blog. Or, who'd give me that long needed moisture I was looking for. Alas I found one in the most unpredictable circumstances. Frank, cheerful, little egoistic and little more than good-looking.

I want more Coffee! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Wanderer is the favorite word of my mind out of the oxford these days. Any earlier time of life when i felt relaxed and in-control is nowhere near comparison to what I am going through these days. :) I played football almost after 4 years, I sketched for the first time in my life, some shit though. I hum around all day and am awake till late nights, wake up when I feel like and go to the nearest game parlor every now and then with friends!

Nothingness! Whatte beauty! :)