Wednesday, November 4, 2009


“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.”

I decided to write this blog right after reading this quote somewhere on the net. As soon as I read it, I could connect to it. Belief is a impalpable expression of behavior which has been dependent on the understanding and interpretation of the bearer ever since. For a few people, belief is something which gives them mental satisfaction. Like, people believe in spiritual things. A rich, unethical, sinful man donates lumps of money to his worship place or to the priests or to poor just because he believes that doing this would help him escape the consequences of all bad he has done! People believe there exists a supreme being who keeps an account of whatever they do or intend to do in their lives. So they worship this belief, whom they call GOD. Yes, looking at it the way I do, God is just a belief justified by interpretations of phenomenons bent towards the belief.

Belief can be more substantial in terms when it is in oneself. Like if a successful businessman believes that he is going to double the profits of his prospering business, he might do it! Its another form of belief, but I'd say its a better version of the intangible expression because this guy would work hard to achieve what he believes in because his belief is in his work and not some magical, paranormal phenomenon!

Belief can be on someone! Very cliché in movies "I believe in you!" said by the girl to express true love! My dad believes that I will make it big in life! Its what he believes, he has faith in my abilities! I believe that respect holds higher than monetary possessions and that trust and good communication is the foundation of any relationship! Its my opinion. An opinion I believe in.

The question of belief crops up usually for things we cannot measure tangibly. Abilities of people, love, metaphysical stuff, opinions etc.

If we cannot measure any of these things, which we may or may not believe in, how can anyone say that I need time to believe in something or someone? Isn't it ridiculous? Isn't that person just trying to escape by just giving reasons which have no real significance? If I had to believe in ghosts, I would not wait till I find one on the street. If I do not believe in ghosts, I just don't and finding one on the street would rather leave me amazed more than scared! If I don't believe in love means I never have tried it and I don't want to. Unless we give it a thought or a try rather, we can never establish or test our belief. If I say I do not believe in ghosts and piss in my pants if I have to pass a burial ground at 12 in the night, it is just stupid to keep myself in dark about my own beliefs!

We have set prototypes of things in the world around us. And it gives us a sense of control over ourselves or lets put it as a sense of individuality to declare that we are different. But are we? Very few of us actually mean what we say and the rest just think they do. We hear of homosexuals and we commonly say we support them because we understand their feelings and stuff. Imagine your son after a couple of years telling you that he is a gay and doesn't wanna marry. He refuses to bring home a 'bahu', refuses to give you grandchildren. Don't you think it is difficult or different to experience it than just saying it. I again want to mention that there are people who actually are strong enough to stand by what they think is right, but their number is fewer than we imagine.

For all those who still think they do not believe or they do believe in stuff, think again, give it a chance, give yourself a chance! To depict how important your belief can be to someone, I'd end by quoting:

A thief even if he wants, would never become a good man unless someone tells him, "I believe in you that you would not steal again."
Belief like many other expressions is one which withholds a lot of power in it. Power which can drive you and the people around!