Sunday, March 25, 2012

Family Guy

It has been a few days now since I arrived in Hyderabad. I missed clg a lot in the first 2 days, then, I started getting bored! I love my home, but then at home, like a 2 year old with no school to go to, no work to attend to, I was bound to get bored. I had a lot of friends in hyd! Sadly they all were able enough to get into awesome jobs... Some are in Bangalore, some in mangalore, some still in Hyd but then they all have jobs, so they are busy!

I dont really get bored so easily. I am mostly upto something always, even when I am alone. I tried making an omlette myself.. which i screwed up bad! And because I got disgusted with the mess I created I didnt even clean it up :P Mom did it for me instead, when she got back from work. Moms are the sweetest things in the world! They make you eat till u have a pot belly, they spoil you and love you without reason.

I got an idea to go on a family vacation, to implement which I convinced mom and dad to take a week off from work and plan our travel! Well, initially we were planning a family reunion trip with realtives in Delhi etc.. Then we started considering our own trip to Dubai to my cousin's place! The planning is still on...

Whenever we speak of Dubai, shopping comes to mind! Well, when it comes to me, shopping means, shoes or watches or electronic gadgets! Right now, I have nice adidas shoes, a recently bought Tommy watch and I have my BB which I love. iTouch: check, Speakers: check, Laptop: check... mmmm... I even have my B'day coming up.. I could really get something I want... but what do I want?!

Its a part of life.. while we run after something, we forget what we actually want or why we wanted that something in the first place. Like we run behind high paying jobs, goodlooking girls, high speed cars, we are basically looking for satisfaction! But to get the money to afford that car, we work 24X7... when we actually get it, we hardly drive it for fun! When we get the girl we alwyas dreamt of, she seems routine, when we get the job we wanted, we have our eyes on a better one!

Our aim might be satisfaction, but it keeps on changing, cause we dont know what exactly will satisfy us. How much would be enough. The answer I'd say is nothing will ever be enough, unless we stop running! Unless we stop being greedy and being fooled by glimmer and glamor! Unless we realise, that happiness is not dependant on material belongings.

A man should never be judged by his clothes but by his attributes! Similarly a girl which would make one happy might not be the hottest one in the shortest of clothes, similarly a car which would make one happy might not be the costliest one. It depends on what we actually require and would be satisfied with.

I guess its improtant for everyone to step aside from the fast lane to enjoy life at some point. Those who wouldnt think the same, probably would always keep running. But maybe that is their calling! May be thats what keeps them satisfied - an unsatisfied mind, wishing for more everytime! :)