Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I have successfully completed a little more than a month at home reading 3ish pages of The Hindu everyday, watching TV for endless hours, making at least 5 unsuccessful attempts a day to beat Manchester City at pro level in Fifa '12 and enjoying my dose of family guy on my priced laptop.

I had kept myself away from the hideous outside world and confined myself to the luxuries of indoor existence for quiet a while after I came home. Lately I have started moving around, catching up with old friends, watching movies and grabbing a beer once in a while.

The vague plan to visit my cousin in Dubai has finally taken shape and I shall be off on the 27th for a long 9 day vacation! Its interesting to note, how strangely yet easily ideas or wishes could turn to reality! I wish all my ideas could have the ability to do that. I wish my hair was more sorted and my fingernails leaner.

Most of the people I meet relate Dubai to shopping.... I am not sure what or how much would I shop there! I relate Dubai to sheikhs, cars, infrastructure and IMT Dubai! :P

A close one had recently bought a Ertiga, a new MUV by Maruti so I checked it out at the nearest Maruti dealer. Well, good job as far as the car is conserned, available in both petrol and diesel. Only if Maruti could add something new! With the bonet of a Ritz, interiors of Swift and the body of an elongated Dezire, Ertiga is the same fries with new sauce. I hope that metaphor makes sense! Anyhow, its a good buy with decent looks, good interiors and decent space inside. Due to its overall length, the boot space does suffer but when you have a large family, Ertiga would be just the car for you. It being cheaper than the innova makes it even more attractive for that segment. 

I have a facination for cars. I would even like to work in a automobile company a few years down the line. Well, another one of my wishes. I even keep evaluating cars to figure out the best one to be my 1st. The choice keeps on changing as weeks pass, from diesel to petrol, from a brio to swift to a polo to a fabia and then back to the swift... and so on... Currently I am eyeig the new Swift.
Anyhow, in my fancy I had applied for the Civil Services exam this Feb on which I haven't really worked on. I wish I could magically clear that as well! :P The exam is on 20th May. It was more of out joblessness (or ironically early employment at IMT) that I had so much of time to nurture such noble thoughts in my head and aspire to be an IAS officer. However, when I dived into the stream of preparetions I realised its not a fast stream like the CAT, its more of the deep blue sea which needs calm, organized and regular efforts. Being devioid of all the three qualities I still stand appearing for the prelims on 27th April.

I recently broke my laptop's screen when half asleep I swung my expensive leg and kicked the laptop off my bed. After the episode, I realised why people like to be tucked in before they sleep! (Bad one I knw..lol) Getting it repaired wasnt much of an issue. I called up the Dell helpline and the sweet lady on the other side was kind enough to tell me that the warranty was over and I could choose to pay 9 grands for the damage or live with a dumb lappy. She was also kind enough to give off her personal number for better communication. Ahem... She might even be doing it as per protocol but its always good to have your ego boosted once in a while. Anyhow, I got the thing fixed from a nearby market for approx 4 grands. 

It was very amusing to watch the broken screen come out of the laptop skeleton and new one being fitted in. The uncle there gave back the broken screen, now separeted from my lappy, to carry home! I have been playing with it since evening.. and now its more than broken.

Well, I guess we've arrived at the climax of this post as I have run out of things to write about and the patience to do so as well. So, Adios!