Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well, I haven't written since long now! I missed you blog! :D

Anyways, a lot has happened since my last post. I went to a crazy conference where i found that people i thought were just friends turned out to be more than that :) a few unknowns added to my friend-o-meter! :) I tried a lot of new stuff too! I drank! :) Like really!! But it was worth the celebration!

NOTE: I have moved to the next paragraph after the drunken line cause I dont really remember what I did after i got drunk :P. Anyways, I do remember that after returning from the conference I had to get back to studying! It sounded scary! But i somehow did.. hmm... yeah.. I did! :)

My 2 lab internals are over now and they both were KHILLER!! I have my written intenals still to go... I'll manage somehow :P

Anyways, I even found time to watch a couple of movies!! And they WERE nice! :) BALLUUU and ALL THE BEST were the two. The movies were decent but I really have to say.. Sanju baba... jogging karoo!! :P and Fardeen baba... Kuch to karoo!! lolz...

I've grown to be this really chilled out guy somehow! No tension, no chick chick types! I have my IRMA exam on the 8th of Nov which is a MBA entrance test for a Rural Management institute. I have no idea what to prepare and from where to! But for the chilled out guy that i have become, I have no tension! :P

Apart from all this, there is some still newer stuff going on in life! Nice stuff! :) I THE LIKES TYPES!!

And i am so happy that because of me a very good friend of mine has started to blog actively!! :) It feels so nice to see that even I can be a source of inspiration! HEHEHE!

At last i'd like to end this random bolg by quoting....

"bak bak hai aapki sun li, kis khet ki aap hai muli
tedhe sawaalon ke hai tedhe jawaab
miyaan na bibi raaji phir bhi lage hain kaaji
itne asamanjas mein hai kyun janaab??" :D