Thursday, January 16, 2014


The mist is in the air. Not just literally, also metaphorically!

Somehow today, again I stand here trying to figure out what the future beholds. SO many ifs and what ifs, so many speculations, expectations, wishes and hopes with the new digit on the calendar.

A few days back I tweeted, that this year I shall act all cool and instead of blogging on the new years' I'll micro-blog. But then, feel si nai aai!

I welcomed the year with a bruised knee and ankle. Hugged half drunk buddies, ate chicken tikka masala, made pinky promises to watch Jai Ho first day first show and finally dozed off on a stranger's bed using his quilt and pillow.

I woke up to realize, that all of it is a state-of-mind. Everything was just the same as it was yesterday, including my knee! Its just the goodwill in the air which makes us smile and believe that we can hit that refresh button, awarding our life a new color. The occasion just acts like an external boost to our will for doing so. Having realized that, wallah! like fairy dust, all the boost is gone!

Look at it the other way, and you dont even need to wait for an occasion to hit refresh! But we'd need another day to be that optimistically positive.

I wish the mist clears, I wish I smell the floral fragrance of clarity, which puts my mind to peace. Amen.