Monday, January 4, 2010

Moving ahead, looking backwards

Bidding adieu to the past year is a unavoidable tradition which is dependent on how prepared are we to welcome the future. Some of us just have fun and let it pass, some take pledges and try and stick to them in the coming year, and there are some who look back, take decisions and prepare themselves for a better future.

I wish to try the latter for a change. All these years I was the one who just had fun and let time pass without really thinking too much about 'changing' or 'self evaluation' or any other boring adjective present in the English dictionary. But 2009 has been a very unique experience. Saw a lot of new things, tried a lot of stuff, had fun, had my sad moments, I laughed as hard as I never did and I have cried my heart out at times. I dont think my life ever saw so many different emotions in any previous years.

So before I move on, I would like to thank everyone around me for they have helped me shape myself, thank everyone who have influenced me. Our personality is not decided by our sun-signs! Its our experiences and the kind of decisions we make which define us. So, all the people around me who have directly or indirectly given me shape for me being the person I am today, I sincerely thank everyone. I hereby intend to forgive everyone whom I was angry/unhappy/disappointed with and move on. In the end I would say I'd do the most difficult thing a person can do, I forgive myself.

I forgive myself for all the wrongs I've done in the past year. I forgive myself for being a jerk at times. I forgive myself to think senseless stuff and acting immature. I forgive myself for not forgiving people I should have. I forgive myself for trying to be someone I am not. And I promise myself that I would grow from this point on, to be a better man.