Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coercive Persuasion

The term Coercive Persuasion or mind-control refers to a process in which a group or individual systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator.

Well, the level of brutality depicted by the definition makes the term seem way too scary and out-of-bounds than it actually is. If we take out a little time to peep into our own selves, we all find this quality of "manipulation" within. The amounts might differ but we all would be proud owners of this quality. To clear the dust, think of a kid who can hardly speak yet, if he wants something he cries. And if you are observant enough, I am sure you would have noticed the cry is usually just vocal, lacking tears. This doesn't mean he is some super-intelligent mind-player who'd grow to be the next Hitler if not admitted to some really costly school. Its not that the child is not as pure at heart as he should be, its just common observation of the kid that a "cry" attracts more attention. And inherently all humans like attention, conclusions drawn from any infant's behavior.

This was the most basic form of the mind-games that humans play. Yes, we could say ki "Hum ye maa k peet se seekhke aae hai!" But this doesn't really die out here. It goes a long way! A daughter always knows how to act cute and get her dad buy her that huge soft-toy. A boy always knows how to grumble and get that G.I.Joe figure in the toy store. This is a very common behavior and cannot be pronounced wrong because in this case, the parents know that its a act being played by the kid to get his/her wish fulfilled and out of love they do get cowed by it.

The introduction to ugliness in mind-games comes in when a teenager gets into a relationship or may be just has a crush. To portray yourself to be text-book nice, to act like you like what he/she likes is somewhere a method to make the other one believe that "I am the ONE." Things could get ugly in this region but, lets avoid talking about bitching, back biting and gossip! ;)

Its been a very interesting debate as to who is a better manipulator, men or women? Its said that all the lack of muscle power in women is compensated by their skills.I would again prefer to leave this on the imagination and domain knowledge of the one reading this blog to define skills! lolz.. But in no way are men more decent or heavenly! Once a girl is true and genuine, there are a lot of disgusting mind-players out there to break their trust and change them into manipulators like themselves. In corporate offices you'll find a herd of such people irrespective of their gender!

Coercive persuasion is encountered basically in every part of our lives, may it be in our office, at home, within friends, practically everywhere. The magnitude might be different but there is no escape from it.

The game shall be played, you could be a pawn or the player! The choice is yours!