Monday, September 21, 2009


A lot of excitement, a lot of loud music, a lot of bare footed dancers, a lot of smiles and a lot of sweat is how I'd describe my outing last night. Excitement is something which sprouts at even the thought of "Rass". But the magnitude it rose to when I stepped on the sand covered dance floor was unbelievable! The traditional clothing and the Indian beats with earthy vibes around, it was a feeling undefinable in words.

Three hours of non-stop dancing with your peers, best friends, crush, starangers... Couldn't have been better. While dancing if you stop by and take a stroll around the resonating arena, inspite of the fact that the music is too overpowering and the people too indulged in their dance that they might just step over you and proceed to their next dance move, you still feel this outburst of peace and happiness even when you are the 'china shop' amongst the 'bulls'. May be it is the whole gist of Navratri or is it the feel of the everything around at that time which makes you feel that way.

Surprisingly a lot of people who go to try their skills at striking sticks forget the very purpose of the tradition! It is a DEVI maata's puuja! Now how many of us actually went and took blessings from the godess who was sitting there for whom we were supposed to be dancing! Some of us even forgot to look at her! It does happen with a lot of people. We focus on the immediate task and not the final cause. But anyways, the Godess doesn't really mind... after all, we all are kids to her! :)

Well I'll end this blog on that note... Wish all of you a great Festive time ahead! :)