Friday, July 25, 2014


Date:    1st July, 2014
Place:   Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi
Who:    ME!!! 

YESSS, I have moved to Delhi!!! 
Bidding adieu to Bangalore wasn't easy; had such great memories from the place, nevertheless, the way forward looked very attractive! Having done my Post Graduation from NCR, its a delight to come back to Delhi. Delhi has a large chunk of my family, friends, cousins and the humid polluted air gives a familiar sense of  warmth. Such bliss! 

No, I haven't quit my job, its a transfer... Phew!

I have realized the most difficult part of relocating is finding a place to stay! My company was kind enough to offer a guest house as temporary accommodation till I find my place in the city. So, the problem was pushed a few weeks and I was saved from the company of 78 million fellow citizens in India who sleep on the footpath. 

The search starts with a thousand considerations like, how far is the place from office? how far is the market place? how far is the Wine Shop? etc etc.. 
5 consecutive days I went house hunting in areas nearby CP, where my office is located, dreaming of a tall super fine flat with a balcony and a porch near the window pane where I would sit admiring the chaos in the city and sip hot coffee! All I found were overly congested, overly priced old apartments which I had to consider with a handkerchief over my nose. Sorry, Not my cup of coffee! 

I decided to take advantage of my kind-hearted company and occupy the FREE, amazing accommodation at the guest house for a while longer. I've been inhabiting it since. Que Sera Sera, as they say! 

The next on my wishlist is a CAR! Now, now! This has been there on the list staring back at me since I was in 10th Grade. I have finalized and rejected every mid-sized car which is in the market since then. I am determined to check this off my list now because finally I feel a bit stable. So, unless I fu*k up real bad and my boss kicks me out, I'm here to stay a good couple of years. And I know that finally I would choose....*drumrolls*... Swift! 
Good fuel economy, amazing comfort, credible service and fun to drive! 

Apart from all the lists I have, life is fun as usual! I have one of my closest friends here, Ankit. Thats him, with me in the pic below:

So we hang out pretty much every 2nd day at our college favorite hangout/drinking place - Route04:

Yes, using a straw is as much fun as it seems in the pic! 

At an age where we never know which one of our bestie would be seen tying the knot on FB and be unavailable for such random fun then on, its unforgivable to not use the time we have as bachelors/bachelorettes! 

Have lots on my plate right now, but all deliciously mouth watering! 

Looking forward to a great time in Delhi! :D 

Thats all folks!