Monday, January 14, 2013

A mean relationship - My perception.

This is a mean relationship I have with my blog. It has always been there when I needed it, but I have never been there when it needed me. 

The last visit I paid was in June, 2012. We have seen ups and downs but this was a considerable break. Whats good is that we both are mature enough to let bygones be bygones and move ahead. 

Well, starting afresh I'd want to have a strong foundation of honesty and clarity to this phoenix of a relationship, so allow me re-introduce myself:

  • I am Dhruv Mathur
  • 5' 11" tall, weighing 75 kg at 23, turning 24 this April.
  • I work 9 to 6. 
  • I sell yarn!! From Ludhiana! Imagine!
  • I live with a collage-mate turned colleague. 
  • I am enrolled with a costly gym which hardly expects me to turn up. 
  • Currently my priced possessions include my 4 pairs of shoes, my moto-scooter (Dinky), my bean bag, a snakes-and-ladders carpet and my very own TV with Tata Sky.
  • Its been 6 odd month since I broke up. I am single. I flirt! 
  • I am in constant search of excitement and newness. 
  • I miss home. I miss home cooked food. 
  • I visit my uncle in Chandigarh on alternate weekends. 
  • I still like to make my bones click and look at myself in the mirror for endless hours.
  • I do not like authority. 
  • I do not like flattery. 
  • I wish people were straight and upfront. 
  • I miss being a kid... Kiddish, I still am. 
  • I do not keep in touch with old friends, but I do miss them. 
  • My current wishlist includes a mid-ranged hatchback and a expensive android phone. The particulars of both these wishes change on weekly basis. 
  • I wish I be more creative than I am these days. All work and no play makes me a 'lull' boy! I definitely am not in staying that category! 
So, now you know why I called this a mean relationship. To kill the lul, revive the relationship regal. 

Once again, I find my sweetheart when I need her the most with Unconditional and unreasonable warmth. 

I wonder if such honest warmth could only be derived out of something as dead as this blog or could it still be somewhere hidden in humanity. Well, count me out of that race as I'm being mean even to this blog! :P 

Reading my own canvas painted above, makes me look so self absorbed, even to myself. Maybe that is what I have grown to be. Now I do not analyse much or ponder on things like the old times. It has become more of accepting and dealing with facts. 

The interesting part being, the fact remains subjective to my perception.