Saturday, May 8, 2010


Here I am again! Painting this part of my computer screen in black and white, expressing what all I want to, telling tales, confessing stuff and letting my emotions flow.

After a year of hectic activities, academics, CAT, co-curriculars and youth organizations, I stand satisfied with myself. Four years back, out of disappointment, disbelief and amateurish decisions I landed up in Hyderabad in my very own college which I shall leave in a few days and never turn back to again... But I am really happy that I made all the decisions I made then, or I would have not been the person I am today.

These past years have been undoubtedly the most educating, pleasant and fruitful years of my life. I came here as a innocent, sincere guy; moved to be focused, more aware, then experienced the gentle breeze of romance until it turned out to be a blizzard, saw the insensitive side of the world, molded myself to fit in, made mistakes, lost my innocence like I never had it, got pushed down time and again, learned to rise back and be perseverant.

Finally, as I say in my every post, all that matters is NOW! Where I am and what am I doing. I have learnt things the hard way. I have been unethical and I have been a b*****d  and not many people might ever come to know about this part of my life, but it doesn't matter, cause I cannot escape myself. But then, I have learnt my lesson in the end.

I shall carry all this with me to start all over again at a new place with new hopes. The persevered path (in hindi... "Dhruv path") continues.... to become a better man.