Thursday, March 18, 2010


My dad always says that at any point of time you just need to 'prove your worth.' Doesn't matter if you make it or you dont, you always get another chance.

Time heals everything and prepares you, makes you stronger for your future encounters...

All the things that have happened, everything I made happen and everything I wished would happen are immaterial. What is important is NOW. What I do, and why i do it. I am not the caring, innocent guy anymore.. And I don't really care. In fact it was high time that I learnt some lessons.

I've hurt people, I've been rude, I've been selfish. I am just another guy. I am not even smart. I just do what I have to sincerely. Even though I know I have grown, I still get cowed by people easily. Its just that now, when I get to see the real picture, it doesn't make me that sad. Not anymore.

I always knew I'd be materially successful in life. Now the dream to be a Snr manager in some big firm drawing a lakh per month isn't too far fetched. But the things I was more keen on achieving still lie in darkness.

I am not sad, but I am not happy either. I need more time... to become more insensitive, to get used to the not-so-nice stuff, to grow up.