Friday, July 24, 2009


The Delhi High Court judgment which legalized consensual relations has given rise to a new drift in the already unstable ocean of baffled humans. Some are really happy and positive about the whole thing but a few of us aren’t very pleased! They say that even scientifically speaking, intercourse is a process of reproduction to ensure the continuity of the organism’s species. If this very purpose is not served then consensual relationships have no meaning at all! They should not be encouraged, certainly not by a governing institution like the Delhi High Court. A man was spotted saying -“This culture is not ours. Its driven from the west.” This apparently was a thought which the majority of the opposers shared. Another very strong point put forward was that homosexuals are HIV prone! It’s a proven fact that HIV is detected more often in homosexual couples.

On the other side of the argument stands the crowd who appreciate the open minded attitude of the High Court. They say that consensuality is a matter of personal preferences and no third party has any right to influence or determine any individual’s thoughts. Even the High Court gave its judgment stating that when the constitution says we shall not discriminate on the basis of sex, it also hereby implies sexual orientation. I saw in the news a person shouting from behind his shaded car window –“Oh God! My son will now be a gay!” I wish I could have told him that of-course his son would be a gay now, but not because of the high court judgment but because of his own sexual orientation and preferences.

Our customs and heritage have always served as the carapace to the hypocrites who pretend to be the saviors of our culture. Ethics have been and would continue to be the most frequently given reason to rule out the possibility of very rational changes! What are these ethics? Who defines them? We go on bending them as per our conveniences! When we need to oppose a broadly open thought we use them... When we have to justify ourselves we use them! But do we really understand what ethics are? To let the freedom of thought prevail, is ethics! To let awareness be spread is ethics. To let everyone earn their bread peacefully is ethics. A very famous author once said “your nose ends where mine begins”. I personally find it very relevant to our issue of consentuality!

We are a nation of different religions. And most of our religions do not permit consensual relations. In Islam it’s a gunah. Not to mention that even drinking and smoking is gunah as per Islam. So do we go out appealing to the court to penalize drinking and smoking too? What happens to our ethnic consciousness when a young girl is burnt alive in a village for dowry? Ethics are thrown out of the window when an adolescent is gang raped in a residential area. Ethics are molested everyday around us and we sit at homes sipping tea cribbing about violence and injustice.

Think what you would do if you come across a terrorist some day at the time of national unrest. If you have the gun and he is empty handed? If you know he has killed thousands of people? Would you pull the trigger? May be you would… to save yourself. I might. I am not sure, but yes! I might. But I’d ask what would be the thing which would have made him turn into a terrorist? Is it really his fault the way he appears to us today? Is he actually a threat or are we a threat ourselves? If a man offers a piece of break to a hungry orphan he is god for that kid! The child would do whatever this man tells him to. Even if he hands him a gun instead of a pen… the kid would not oppose. One, because he is not mature enough to understand. Two, because he trusts this terrorist. This is how 70% of all terrorists are made. Is it really their fault?

Think of those people who come and break shops on New Years’ eve and on Valentine’s day. Aren’t they terrorists? NO!! THEY DO IT FOR OUR CULTURE! If this is how we define and bend our definitions, I’d say HAIL OSAMA BIN LADEN! Because whatever he did was because he had cent percent conviction in it and he did it for jihad… his way of freedom… freedom to his own ways of living… his culture!

Today we live amongst hypocrites who live inside their cocoons of false self-regard and take pseudo pride in their ‘ethnic’ believes. Its not about terrorism or consensual issues. Its about us and our surroundings. When we wake up in the morning can we face ourselves and say that we are up to do the RIGHT THING? Ironically the answer everyone would give would be a YES… as we tend to define our own RIGHTS and WRONGS… bend definitions at our convenience and at the end of it all.. justify our stands.